IMPACT: An Introduction to Counseling, Mentoring, and Youth Development

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Stephen Gray Wallace
176 pages
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Stephen Wallace’s new book, IMPACT: An Introduction to Counseling, Mentoring, and Youth Development, offers insightful commentary on the important role of mentors in the lives of children and teens. While it specifically addresses camp counselors, it is equally relevant for all key youth influencers, including parents, teachers, and coaches.

IMPACT is published by Healthy Learning, one of the world’s foremost publishers of instructional materials for health/wellness, fitness, exercise, sports medicine, and camp professionals. Founded in 1997, Healthy Learning offers a content library of over 3500 titles that feature several of the most respected individuals in their area of expertise.

Stephen’s critically acclaimed book, Reality Gap – Alcohol, Drugs, and Sex … What Parents Don’t Know and Teens Aren’t Telling, was published as a lead title by Union Square Press/Sterling.