Incorporating Theatre Into the Camp Setting

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Susan Chenet
235 pages
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  Incorporating Theatre Into the Camp Setting sets the stage for incorporating theatre into any camp program through a multitude of original, ready-to-use ideas for skits, plays, and a host of other creative low-prop ideas. Susan understands the importance of giving every child a chance to imagine, express, communicate, and, ultimately, be a star. The book draws from Susan's wealth of experience in the theatre world as a theatre teacher and camp director to provide her readers with a focused account of how camps can initiate, expand, or improve drama/theatre arts programs. Susan's plays are written with current child and teen voices in mind and require little technical production to be a major success, making them ideal for summer camps as well as school theatre programs short on time and budget.

Scenes include:
  • Why Theatre Should Be Incorporated Into Camp
  • Skit Idea #1: Finish the Story
  • Skit Idea #2: Fairy Tales
  • Skit Idea #3: Props
  • Skit Idea #4: First Lines
  • Skit Idea #5: Last Lines
  • Skit Idea #6: Play Titles
  • Skit Idea #7: Crazy Combinations
  • Skit Idea #8: Fictional Character Combinations
  • Skit Idea #9: Personal Obstacles
  • Skit Idea #10: Who
  • Skit Idea #11: Where
  • Skit Idea #12: Confined Spaces
  • Skit Idea #13: Emotions
  • Skit Idea #14: Styles
  • Themes, Schemes, and Scenes-101+ other ideas
  • Incorporating Theatre Into Full-Camp Events
  • Incorporating Theatre Into the Dining Room
  • Using TV Reality Themes in the Camp Setting
  • More Bunk and/or Group Performance Ideas
  • Sample Skit Presentation Ballots
  • Hints to Having a Successful Theatrical Production at Camp
  • Three Plays to Use at Camp