Leading a Team Through a Successful Season-Epub

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Marcia Kimler
100 pages
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Do you aspire to lead people to become better together and achieve goals beyond their expectations? Leading teams successfully requires a dynamic mix, ranging from aligned visions to authentic values, from personality synergy to permeating culture, from structure to innovation, and from diversity to sustainability. It takes a leader with a growth mindset who is willing to learn, teach, and play with the team to succeed and win with an organization’s mission. Whether you believe you are that leader or wish to become that leader, Leading a Team Through a Successful Season is sure to set you on the ultimate path for your leadership expression.

Camp leadership is a special style of leadership, and this book is specifically designed for the camp audience. However, leaders across all industries—sports teams, business teams, any team—will find value in this book, given that leadership entails a universal set of management skills. If you are a leader (we are all leaders!), this book is for you. Regardless of age, sector, or any aspect of personal or work culture, expect to encounter thought-provoking nuggets of leadership theory that will connect you to your own life. Written to be basic yet relevant, and rich with self-discovery, this is an opportunity to spend time investing in your most valuable asset—you and your team.

This book journeys through 14 topics every leader should strive to improve upon to achieve far-reaching benefits, even beyond the team’s direct focus. We begin with the starting foundation, the construction of the mission, and widening the lens of multiple perspectives. Then, we dig deep into three key individual attributes, the power of connection, and the importance of self-care. Next, we elevate the significance of resources, the embrace of team characteristics, and making difficult conversations a priority. Moving deeper still, we shift into the mentality of overcoming setbacks, the 10 key measurements of successful teams, and the critical face of sustainability. Finally, a dive into diversity shows exactly why this is a winning combination. We also detail why communication, above all else, is the most important element of any successful team.

This guidebook includes appendices to complement the insights you will glean, so you can make the most of this investment for months and years to come. Complete with a pocket summary noting the high-level view from each chapter, a to-do list reminding you of all the exercises and subjects to keep top of mind, an assessment tool to track your own progress, and a robust list of quotes to pick yourself up when you need it, this book provides everything you need to start improving your leadership immediately, whatever your level of experience.

Building a team that is poised for success takes time, diligence, discipline, and devotion. You are the most important element of success for your team—you, being present for your team members, inspiring them, holding them accountable, teaching them, and building both fun and meaningful relationships with them. Lead the way and serve them well. Embrace diversity, care for the planet, be you, and make every day better than the last. You, your team, and all your stakeholders deserve this best-in-class model.

Author Marcia Kimler combines 20 years of leadership experience in the summer camp industry, sports and hospitality industries, and even experience in construction and healthcare to share unique insights and thoughts designed to help you build your most successful team. Her goal always has been, and always will be, to help others in whatever ways she can. With a biology degree and MBA, her well-rounded and practical approach to leadership as a way of life is engaging, easy to read, and provides countless tips for integrating better leadership in your own life. All it takes is the purchase of this book and your own desire to become better.