People Pleasing: The Silent Killer

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Susan Fee
65 minutes
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It can be argued that some people are too nice for their own good. These individualstend to be characterized by a variety of attributes, including giving into others soas not to upset them, putting the needs of others above their own, accepting poortreatment, and seeking approval of others, but never getting it. They may alsoexperience a fear of conflict. As a result, they respond by saying nothing. PeoplePleasing: The Silent Killer explains how individuals should value their self-worth,establish healthy relationships, and manage uncomfortable feelings, such as guilt,as they change from being passive to more assertive.

Among the topics covered:

• Four communication styles
• The pros and cons of becoming more assertive
• Know your rights and change your self-talk
• Non-assertive crutches
• Express your feelings
• Resolving conflict