Quality Camp Programming: Putting ACA Assessment Tools to Work for Your Camp

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Laurie Browne, Jim Sibthorp
56 minutes
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Two issues that many camps have is defining what camp program quality is and determiningwhether they consistently offer a quality experience to their campers. Quality Camp Programming:Putting ACA Assessment Tools to Work for Your Camp details ways that a high-quality campprogram can be implemented. The DVD provides an overview of a new tool, the Camp ProgramQuality Assessment (CPQA), that can be employed in that regard. The DVD also explains how tointegrate the CPQA with existing ACA resources in order to provide a highly effective and multidimensionalapproach to quality camp programming.

Among the topics covered:

• Our objectives
• Quality camp programs
• At your camp, where will you find evidence of quality?
• Camp-program quality assessment (PQA)
• Format of the camp-PQA
• Example: aim high
• Assessment walk-through