School Yard Watershed Fundana

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Teachers! If you need a fun, different learning activity to teach your students about water, watersheds in and around your school then our Schoolyard Watershed Fundana is for you! This is a scavenger hunt game for kids 9-11 designed to challenge while making discoveries about water, erosion and more! The bandana is printed on a 100% cotton made in USA bandana so no need to worry about it getting destroyed if it gets wet or dirty. This is a durable, reusable learning tool that can be used for many years.

Fundanas bandanas are games either in a scavenger hunt or bingo game format printed on 100% cotton bandanas designed to teach kids 3 to adult about the environment around them in a fun, different way. They measure 22 x 22 x 22 x 22. The Fundanas (ages 7- 12) have no loose pieces, are washable, easy to carry and best of all REUSABLE! The bright colors and interesting questions encourage learning and fun in children and the adults have the time of their lives playing with the kids to solve the bingo and scavenger hunt games.