Science at Camp? Yes! Just Add Water!

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Virginia Bordeau, Robin Galloway
31 minutes
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More and more often, an aquatic area is not just for recreation. In fact, camps with natural bodies of water have an opportunity to teach science and help campers learn about the natural world. Science at Camp? Yes! Just Add Water! presents an overview of activities that camps can use to engage their campers in exploring the world of water. The DVD explores the fact that from water plants to water critters, and water chemistry to water physics, kids love to learn and play in water environments.

Among the topics covered:

• It helps if you're a naturalist!
• Rosa raindrop
• Acidification in streams, lakes, or in the ocean
• Climate chemistry
• Let's learn about water bugs
• How I get food
• Collecting aquatic critters
• Fish function
• What else can we learn at the pond?