Sexting, Mobile Harassment and Summer Camp-Be Prepared!

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Joel Haber
79 minutes
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Sexting and mobile harassment are becoming new problems for campers and staff, given thegrowing reliance on technology. Sexting, Mobile Harassment and Summer Camp-Be Prepared!discusses the fact that these issues are showing up in camp, and details why camp staff need to beprepared to find them and deal with them when these matters show up on computers in thecamp, in camp photos, or on mobile phone technology. The DVD also reviews the fact thatcampers and staff have been sending inappropriate pictures to each other at rates that continue torise. The DVD offers an exceptional resource for camp staff who don't want to be caught off guardif this situation happens within their camp this season or between the seasons.

Among the topics covered:

• Mobile harassment: the basics
• Sexting: the basics
• Texting & sexting: the basics
• Goal 1: staff communication
• Goal 2: address acceptable and unacceptable cyber communication
• Goal 3: create a mobile phone use policy
• Goal 4: help kids think before they act
• Goal 5: reward positive behavior
• Goal 6: upstander behavior
• Goal 7: cyber safety team
• Goal 8: consequences
• Goal 9: staff training
• Goal 10: parent involvement