Social Laddering and Social Cruelty Amongst Campers and Staff

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Joel Haber
55 minutes
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There`s an important reason that bullying behavior and social cruelty take place in camp. Assuch, it is essential to recognize the power of this phenomenon, because what camp staffdon`t know about it can create unforeseeable problems with their colleagues, campers, and eventhe camp`s leadership team. Social Laddering and Social Cruelty Amongst Campers and Staffis designed to provide camp staff with the knowledge they need to be on top of socialladdering. The DVD also features a staff orientation-training exercise that can help make the issueof social laddering real for them.

Among the topics covered:
  • Bullying and social cruelty
  • Social dominance
  • Social laddering exercise
  • Lessons to be learned
  • Bullying amongst staff
  • Helping staff with social laddering
  • Reducing camper cruelty