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Staff Training Bundle


Includes the following:


The American Camp Association’s Guide to Staffing is a resource that every camp professional should have readily available. The author covers all aspects of the staffing process, with guidance from many expert sources within the American Camp Association (ACA). It includes numerous articles published by the ACA by various authors, which provide well-rounded points of view for the reader to consider.

 Developing a Counselor-in-Training Program for Camps provides a practical and comprehensive training curriculum for CITs, new counselors, or returning staff. The book includes 28 successful programs that are organized, complete, and easy to adapt to almost any camp environment. It is structured in a way that allows the counselor-in-training director to use these ready-made programs, or create his own programs.

 Counselor-in-Training: Encouraging Youth Development Outcomes at Camp is a useful book/online resource for anyone interested in providing a quality training experience for their young staff. The design is easy to follow, the curriculum is based on proven youth development principles, and the resources are extensive. While framed within a 4-H context, any staff working with a CIT program will find this manual helpful in transitioning young people into well-trained staff.

101 Ways To Teach Staff How To Teach Kids This book offers concise insight for camp counselors concerning what goes into teaching and how to go about creating an inspiring lesson plan. This book can serve as a guide when planning orientation and a resource to make a camp's activity program even better. Resources from over 30 years of experience in the youth camp setting.

To Tell The Truth: Skillful Interviewing for Finding Great Staff Bob Ditter's approach to the staff interview process is insightful and based on scientific research that helps to better predict the success of a prospective staff member. The interview framework and questions he outlines in this book and the accompanying DVD are easy to apply and will help improve your staff interviewing and staff selection results. A must read for camp professionals.

Training Staff to Be Spiritual Leaders: Activities and Resources for Christian Camps This book is intended for the camp setting or more specifically the church-related camp setting and teaches us how we grow spiritually. The bulk of this book contains activities for staff participation, but a smaller portion builds a foundation of understanding about spirituality in general and Christian spirituality specifically. Beginning with a detailed review of the six spiritual steps, the book then enters into sections on staff training pertaining to the six spiritual steps and applying them via numerous activities.

Staff Training: By the Experts Features twenty-three articles about staff training issues that have been carefully selected from past editions of Camping Magazine. Articles cover staff orientation, training to reduce bullying, emergency preparation, special needs, sexual harassment, and much more. The contributing writers are recognized as authoritative voices in the field of training camping staff.


Developing Character at Camp - A Staff Training Talk for Counselors In this entertaining and captivating presentation, renowned child therapist Bob Ditter talks directly to camp staff about the incredible opportunity they have to make a difference in the lives of the campers they serve. Developing Character at Camp-A Staff Training Talk for Counselors points out that not only is every camp professional an educator, camp teaches character to children through the experiences they have at camp. Citing some riveting statistics about the culture children grow up in and how their environment can create an obstacle to wholesome character development, the DVD offers specific examples of how camp helps build at least eight character traits that are critical for success in life.

Training Smorgasbord: Staff Orientation Ideas Fresh From the Oven Staff Orientation Ideas Fresh From the Oven features a series of proven staff-orientation tips and suggestions that camp directors can use to enhance their staff-orientation programs. The DVD is designed to serve as a must-have resource for camp directors who want to maximize their efforts to properly train their staff. The engaging ideas offer invaluable additions to any staff-training program

Resolving Conflict: A Staff Development Skills Essential for Camp DirectorsSocial conflict is inherent in the work of camp directors. Resolving Conflict: A Staff Development Skills Essential for Camp Directors looks at causes of staff conflict and discusses conflict management strategies. The DVD explains how staff can move beyond resolution to conflict transformation. The DVD also details tools for identifying how staff respond to conflict and outlines procedures for implementing conflict resolution, as well as reviews transformation techniques that can improve staff performance.

Effective Employee Evaluations Everyone can always tell what time of year it is in an organization where the managers are tense and the employees are on edge-it's time for the employees' annual performance review. More often than not, many employees feel that their organization's evaluation system is not fair, because it involves one person's view that affects a core employee value-their pay. Effective Employee Evaluations presents easy-to-understand and apply suggestions and tips on how the employee and supervisor should prepare for the review. The DVD also explains how employees and supervisors can set goals and make commitments during the performance appraisal session. In addition, the DVD details how to properly follow-up the review session.

Developing Year-round Employees Developing Year-round Employees explores new approaches and best practices for recruiting,mentoring, training, compensating, and evaluating full-time, year-round camp staff. The DVD provides examples of how organizations that oversee multiple camps handle such challenges.The DVD details the steps involved in building a cohesive team of employees.

How to Recruit, Train, and Motivate Staff How to Recruit, Train, and Motivate Staff offers practical techniques to recruit and inspire exceptional employees-including seasonal, temporary, and part-time staff. Award-winning speaker, Jodi Rudick details three key steps involved in hiring great staff. She also explains how organizations can motivate, reward, and retain their best employees. In addition, she discusses what essential information should be learned from employees who are departing the organization.