Teaching Swimming at Camp

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Terry Castro
47 minutes
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Teaching Swimming at Camp provides an overview of the secrets of a swim program that has had a 95 percent (or higher) approval rating from parents for the past four years. The DVD addresses several of the factors responsible, for the popularity of this program, including how to train instructors; how to make class time fun and educational; how to motivate staff and swimmers; what lesson design and teaching techniques should be employed; and what are the nuts and bolts of swim space management. The DVD explains how camp professionals can transform their swim program into the HOTTEST area in their camp.

Among the topics covered:

• What does a great lesson look like?
• The basics
• Using your space
• The lesson
• You, the swim instructor
• You, the aquatics director
• Using your counselors
• Keeping it fresh
• Parent visiting days
• Swim ”issues”