The American Camp Association’s Guide to Staffing-Epub

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Ann Sheets
Healthy Learning
346 pages
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The American Camp Association’s Guide to Staffing is a resource that every camp professional should have readily available. The author covers all aspects of the staffing process, with guidance from many expert sources within the American Camp Association (ACA). It includes numerous articles published by the ACA by various authors, which provide well-rounded points of view for the reader to consider. 

This guidebook presents information in a logical sequence, starting with the basics of the camp philosophy, then systematically guides the reader through staff organization, developing job descriptions, laws and regulations related to staffing, and compensation and wages. It further looks at emerging issues and special situations within camp settings. It then provides clear information about recruiting and interviewing, reference and background checks, and the onboarding process. Next, practices related to communicating with staff, training staff, supervision, feedback, and appraisal are covered. Finally, termination, utilization of international exchange program participants, and staff retention are addressed.

The text also features references related to new hire reporting, state payday regulations, state regulations related to camp programs, and minimum wage information by state, as well as other helpful information.

In a time when employees are in short supply on occasion, the constructive suggestions detailed in this invaluable book are particularly targeted at the camp and youth development industry. In short, this guidebook would be helpful to the new camp professional, as well as those individuals with years of experience, as it covers the subject of staffing thoroughly and emphasizes that the staffing process is a continual, never-ending cycle.