The Bible Adventure Book of Scavenger Hunts

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Kelly Anne White
161 pages
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• The Bible Adventure Book of Scavenger Hunts is jam-packed with loads of fun activities created around scripture verses-all quoted from the New International Version (NIV). 
• The book features not only scavenger hunts, but also craft projects, easy recipes, science experiments, and other elements, with each chapter highlighting a specific Bible theme. 
• The scavenger hunts in this book are terrific for summer camps, youth groups, campground coordinators, homeschooling programs, family gatherings, and even birthday parties.
• Most of the activities can be completed with any number of players, and leaders can organize for teams, pairs, or individuals accordingly. Plus, there's something for kids of all ages.
• All of the scavenger activities contain other elements-fill-in-the-blanks, science projects, color-by-symbols-that can be completed independent of the hunt. Most also include easy-to-photocopy handouts.
• The scavenger hunts can be fine-tuned to fit into any schedule or landscape. Detailed instructions and clues are provided.