The Big Book of Virtual Games

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Steven Peck
203 pages
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“You can learn more about a person in an hour’s worth of play than a lifetime of conversation.”



Games.Playing group games offers innumerable benefits to participants, including developing social skills and enhancing interpersonal connections.

The Big Book of Virtual Games features over 100 games that can be played either online or in person. Similar to the games in his previous four books, noted author Steven Peck has put together another one-of-a-kind, creative collection of unique play activities that can be enjoyed by groups of all kinds, backgrounds, and ages. Among the groups for which these games are appropriate are summer camps, scouting programs, school groups, neighborhood gatherings, and church assemblages. In other words, this book is designed to appeal to any group of individuals who are ready to engage in a fun, developmental activity online or in person.

The activities in the book are categorized into seven areas: name games, icebreakers, duration games, group games, improv games, programs, and closures. In addition, the book includes a bonus game that addresses virtual messaging.

The Big Book of Virtual Games is the ideal resource for anyone looking for activities that can help children connect with others, whether virtually or in person. In that regard, the various activities in this extraordinary collection of games are designed to build community, life skills, and personal growth, while leaving participants wanting more.

The true value of this remarkable book is reinforced by the fact that play not only enhances learning, it also improves cognitive development. For most children, guided play is natural and spontaneous. In the process, it helps nurture imagination and give a child a sense of adventure, while providing children the opportunity to evolve their ability to problem-solve, work with others, and share—all aptitudes that are targeted in The Big Book of Virtual Games.