The Camp Counselor`s Guide to Working With Boys

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Bob Ditter
54 minutes
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The Camp Counselor`s Guide to Working With Boys offers a clear, practical approach to working effectively with boys and demonstrates some of the differences between working with boys and working with girls. It includes sections on how best to establish a relationship with boys; how boys join and compete with one another; and how boys specifically bully one another. The DVD features the kind of language and skill you will want all your staff to use to communicate more successfully with boys, including a boy who is not fitting in. It provides advanced communication techniques geared specifically for getting through to boys.

Among the topics covered:
  • Boys increase self-esteem through action & physical skills
  • Boys connect through humor and action
  • Boys must prove themselves
  • How boys` development impacts you
  • Communicating with boys
Produced in cooperation with the American Camp Association.