The Traditional Camp-Out of Touch, Out of Time

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David Hilliard
48 minutes
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In 1994, Dave Hilliard penned an article for Camping Magazine that laid out his thoughts and vision for Wyman Center and for the camp movement. The Traditional Camp-Out of Touch, Out of Time details the “rest of the story”-what worked out and what didn't. The DVD also looks at what lessons were learned that have changed a local camp, serving a few thousand youth each year, to a national leader in youth development whose Teen Outreach Program will reach more than 300,000 teens in total by the end of 2014.

Among the topics covered:

• Frame
• Wyman's journey over five eras
• Era I: foundational values
• Era II: foundational skills
• Era III: Innovation & discovery
• Era IV: social enterprise
• Teen leadership program
• Teen outreach program
• Era V: disruptive forces
• The future