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The New 2010 ADA Standards: How Does Your Camp Measure Up?

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Sherril York
77 minutes

The New 2010 ADA Standards: How Does Your Camp Measure Up? explores thefact that the 2010 ADA accessibility standards that include the requirement foraccessible recreational facilities have a direct impact on camp programs. The DVDdetails a number of actions that camps can take to be better prepared to complywith these standards and regulations. Among the issues covered in the DVD arewhat are basic requirements for recreation facilities and how can camps assesstheir facilities to determine if barriers exist to planned programs. The DVD alsooutlines suggested steps for achieving full compliance with these standards and forplanning for the full inclusion of campers with disabilities.

Among the topics covered:

• Purpose of the ADA
• Key principles of the ADA
• Revised 2010 ADA regulations
• New construction
• Existing facilities
• Defenses
• Recreation elements at camps