Becoming an Environmental Leader for Your Campers

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Nancy Ferguson
78 minutes
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In an age of "going green" and placing an emphasis on a camp`s role in teaching creation care,it is important that staff in faith-based/Christian camps can make the connection between theirfaith and caring for the earth. In their role as environmental leaders, staffmembers need to be able to include God in the discussion and activities in which they leadcampers. Becoming an Environmental Leader for Your Campers examines five theologicalconcepts related to being an environmental leader. The DVD also features brief "talking points"for staff to view, as well as a companion CD-ROM that provides directions for activities that stafftraining leaders can engage in with their staffs to provide an experiential learning option for eachof the concepts.

Among the topics covered:
  • Five ideas about God and creation
  • Opening the eyes of campers to the goodness of creation
  • God made everything connected
  • Caring for creation
  • The true meaning of "dominion"
  • Teaching campers to be stewards of creation