Your Role as a Spiritual Leader for Your Campers

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Nancy Ferguson
64 minutes
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An important emphasis of staff training at faith-based/Christian camps is shaping staff membersinto spiritual leaders. Spiritual leaders are those individuals who can share their own faith, leadcampers in religious discussion, pray with them, and pass on the traditions of their faithcommunity. Your Role as a Spiritual Leader for Your Campers introduces the five key principlesto being a spiritual leader. The DVD provides brief "talking points" for staff to view, as well as acompanion CD-ROM that includes directions for activities that staff training leaders can engagein with their staffs to provide an experiential learning option for each of the principles.

Among the topics covered:
  • Five elements of being a spiritual leader
  • Step #1-take care of your relationship with God
  • Step #2-help campers find a place of safety within the camp community
  • Step #3-tell your own faith story
  • Step #4-inspire others
  • Step #5-celebrate the traditions of your faith