Camp 2 Grow: Where Every Child Leads and Shines

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Barry A. Garst, Deb Bialeschki
39 minutes
Camp 2 Grow is a leadership and environmental stewardship program developed by the American Camp Association that is designed to teach youth fundamental leadership knowledge/skills. In turn, the program challenges youth to apply what they have learned to address environmental issues in their camps, homes, and communities. Camp 2 Grow: Where Every Child Leads and Shines reviews sample lessons and details various activities from the Camp 2 Grow curriculum. The DVD also explains why Camp 2 Grow is an excellent model for enhancing the CIT program of camps.

Among the topics covered:

• Camp 2 Grow goals
• Leadership lessons
• Lesson breakdown
• e-Moments® (engaging strategies)
• Year one pilot evaluation
• Getting involved in Camp 2 Grow