Every Child Deserves Camp: Funding the Camp Experience

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Harriet Lowe, Rhonda Begley, Michael Rothberg, Posie Taylor, Lisa Cook, Don Cheley, Diane Tyrrell
90 minutes
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Fundraisers and outreach are no longer the exclusive domain of nonprofit camps. Scholarships help broaden the camp community by prompting equal opportunity among individuals from varying social, economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. As such, alternative funding enables camps to serve new, diverse clients. Featuring a panel of camp professionals and fundraisers, Every Child Deserves Camp: Funding the Camp Experience explains how camps can incorporate scholarships in their funding efforts. The DVD also provides examples of how camps have successfully implemented various partnerships and outreach strategies.

Among the topics covered:
  • Scholarships-easy money?
  • What are the benefits of doing scholarships through ACA?
  • When donations come in, do the donors pick which camp the donation goes to?
  • Selection of the campers
  • One piece of fundraising advice
  • Creative thank you's
  • How do you show that the camp experience has value?
  • What doesn't work with fundraising?
  • How can we do more to expand fundraising opportunities?
  • Fundraising on the application form