Can You Hear Me Now? Working Effectively With Camp Parents: Vol. #2-Strategies

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Bob Ditter
51 minutes
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The second of a two-part series on how camp professionals should work with camp parents, CanYou Hear Me Now? Working Effectively With Camp Parents: Vol. #2-Strategies presentsstrategies that camp professionals can adopt to make their on-going work with parents moreeffective and more satisfying. The DVD addresses a wide array of key topics, including sevenways that parents can help their first-time campers get ready for camp. Collectively, the series isdesigned to help camp professionals "power up" their reputation with parents and to positionthemselves as true professionals and experts in the eyes of their camp parents.

Among the topics covered:
  • Meeting with parents of first-timecampers
  • Topics to cover in parent meetings
  • How parents can prepare children
  • Most frequently asked questions
  • The unexpected DVD letter from camp
  • Parent panel at orientation
  • Seven ways parents can help their first-timecamper
  • Be a resource
Produced in cooperation with the American Camp Association.