Social Inclusion: A Fresh, Effective Bullying Prevention Strategy

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Heather Kiley
54 minutes
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Social Inclusion: A Fresh, Effective Bullying Prevention Strategy presents an overview of the key factors involved in social inclusion-a proven bullying prevention approach that is based on current brain research and social issues. The DVD presents tools that camp professionals can put into action to help thwart bullying. Adapted to fit the camp environment, the concepts and tools covered in this DVD can easily be incorporated into a camp's staff training. The DVD is a resource for staff who want simple ways to prevent and respond to teasing and bullying behaviors.

Among the topics covered:

• Basic assumptions about the importance of addressing social issues
• Two primary challenges to addressing social issues
• Two factors that lead to teasing & bullying behaviors
• How do SC & and F/P lead to teasing & bullying behaviors?
• How does our way of speaking to each other increase social complexity?
• What do we know about kids who exhibit teasing & bullying behaviors?
• Building empathy & perspective through politeness & kindness
• Simple strategies staff can use to help campers develop new social habits in order to reduce teasing & bullying behaviors