Closing Circle: An Activity for Sharing and Debriefing

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Bob Ditter
39 minutes
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Closing Circle: An Activity for Sharing and Debriefing provides an overview of an activity that isdesigned to get campers or staff to share and debrief with one another after a major trip, significantexperience, or at the end of camp itself. The DVD details specific steps for setting up andexecuting the "closing circle" exercise. The DVD also explains why this journal exercise is anexceptional tool for individuals who are working with children in groups, particularly thosegroups that don`t have much experience using journals. In addition, the DVD reviews possiblevariations on this exercise.

Among the topics covered:

  • Working with campers in groups
  • The basics of group meetings
  • How it works
  • Suggested categories

Produced in cooperation with the American Camp Association.