Debriefing After Critical Incidents at Camp

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Jeana Wilcox
75 minutes
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Although camp is typically associated with fun, friends, and nature, very serious events occur, on occasion, that may take away from the positive experience that campers encounter. Debriefing After Critical Incidents at Camp identifies aspects of incidents in a camp setting that may require debriefing. The DVD also discusses possible approaches to debriefing any individual involved in the incident (e.g., campers, counselors, camp directors, and site managers). In addition, the DVD details two specific tools than can facilitate effective debriefing.

Among the topics covered:

• Who? 
• What? 
• When? 
• Where? 
• Why? 
• How? 
• Developmental levels & debriefing 
• Tools for use during and following debriefing 
• Critical incident debriefing interactive activity