Communicating with Camper Parents: An Essential Skill

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Norman Friedman, Gary Kimball
53 minutes
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Communicating with Camper Parents: An Essential Skill presents an overview of the basic factorsinvolved in deciding WHY, WHEN, and WHEN NOT to inform parents about camp issues. The DVDdetails practical advice concerning informing parents about such key issues as tragic accidents,camper illness, behavioral problems, and staff matters. The DVD is designed to serve as aninvaluable resource for camp professionals who want to communicate effectively and appropriatelywith the parents of their campers.

Among the topics covered:
  • Four Considerations
  • Case #1: Sexual abuse
  • Case #2: Death of a counselor
  • Case #3: E-Coli
  • Case #4: Head lice
  • Case #5: Inappropriate kissing
Produced in cooperation with the American Camp Association