Puppetry Skills

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Karen Whiting, Rebecca White
60 minutes
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Puppetry Skills reviews the benefits of using puppets and discusses what can be done to bring a puppet to life to create a tool to employ with children. The DVD points out that there's more o the process than simply sticking your hand inside the puppet. As such, the DVD presents an overview of basic puppet skills, including how to lip sync to make believable movements. In that regard, the DVD explains how to focus the eyes of the puppet to engage children. In addition, not only does the DVD explore how to use voices and movements to generate characters, it also covers how to interact with a narrator and the audience.

Among the topics covered: 

• Focus and height 
• Entrances and exits 
• Eye focus 
• Mouth movements (lip synch) 
• Head movements 
• Emotions 
• Arm and body movements 
• Puppet voices 
• Scripts 
• Staging 
• Benefits of puppets