Cultural Competency: Understanding Total Diversity

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Gretchen Vaughn
58 minutes
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Culture is more than just ethnicity. Cultural Competency: Understanding Total Diversity enablesyou to broaden your view of culture, and learn how to better meet the needs of the populationsyou (or you would like to) serve. The DVD examines how to assess your personal andorganizational level of competence. The DVD also discusses methods and activities that can helpenhance your personal level of cultural competency and, ultimately, that of your organization. Inaddition, the DVD explores information-gathering, outreach, program adaptation, and potentialparticipant conflict that occurs when engaging new participants. Thought-provoking and suitedto group participation, the DVD guides you through pair-and-share and team discussion to helpyou advance along the cultural-competence continuum.

Among the topics covered:
  • Cultural competency
  • Cultural blindness
  • Cultural dimensions
  • Cultural pre-competence
  • Advanced cultural competence
  • Where are you now?
  • Gather information