Understanding ADHD in the Camp Experience

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Anthony Rao
72 minutes
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ADHD is a common childhood diagnosis. All-too-often, individuals believe thatthey understand children with ADHD (most of whom are boys), but it's not asimple or easy-to-define condition. In fact, some of these kids succeed at camps,while others struggle. Understanding ADHD in the Camp Experience looks atthe reason for this dichotomy and offers invaluable tips for helping camperswith ADHD. The DVD is designed to provide camp staff with an appreciation ofthe unique qualities that ADHD campers possess, with insight into how thesecampers tend to think, and with information concerning how these campers canbehave under optimal circumstances.

Among the topics covered:
  • ADHD: what is it? How's it being diagnosed? Who's getting it?
  • Where does ADHD live?
  • There's a real outdoor/camp advantage
  • Behavioral techniques for helpingyour ADHD campers
  • Leading/guiding effectively
  • Final thoughts: building confidence