Falling Forward-Resiliency Skills for Challenging Times

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Susan Fee
32 minutes
When tough times hit, it is important that camp professionals have the ability to be flexible in their response to their circumstances. Resiliency is the ability to adjust and learn from adversity. Resilient people do more than rely on positive thinking and luck. They experience just as many challenges as everyone else, sometimes more. Yet they have developed effective coping skills that allow them to survive and thrive during adversity. Falling Forward-Resiliency Skills for Challenging Times explains how camp professionals can develop this skill set in themselves and encourage it in others by challenging inflexible thinking, asking solution-oriented questions, and responding proactively.

Among the topics covered:

• What is resiliency?
• Pursuit of happiness
• Penny for your thoughts
• Determining control
• Tool: mind mapping
• Identify personal strengths
• Common reactions to stress
• Develop coping strategies