Nature Fun and Learning

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Karen Whiting, Rebecca White
60 minutes
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God created the earth for our pleasure and asks us to be earth caretakers. Nature Fun and Learning explains how to engage children in a way to explore the outdoors to discover how it witnesses to the existence of God. The DVD points out how to help children become earth BFFs by utilizing games, experiments, and crafts. The DVD also details how to take God on the trail with nature-based devotions. Furthermore, the DVD addresses how to use your senses and simple activities to explore soil, trees, plants, and animals. In addition, the DVD looks at the process of recycling, including how long it takes for items to decompose.

Among the topics covered: 

• Explore creation 
• Nature passport 
• Explore waterways 
• Make it fun 
• Testing soil 
• Trees 
• Solar fun 
• Recycle 
• Games 
• Outdoor fun