Objective-Driven Aquatics Training: Get the Most Impact Out of an In-Service

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Gareth Hedges
54 minutes
It is essential that aquatics in-service training covers what a camp's lifeguards and counselors are most likely to encounter in a real-life situation. Objective-Driven Aquatics Training: Get the Most Impact Out of an In-Service draws on lessons learned from hundreds of actual drowning events to highlight the key factors that camps should address during their typically limited in-service training time. Among the topics included in the DVD are scanning, the issue of non-swimmers, and out-of-water emergency care. 

Among the topics covered: 
  • Everything you know might be wrong
  • Are we getting as much impact as possible out of limited training time?
  • Scanning drill
  • Code of conduct
  • Real-life example
  • What can you do?