Our Love/Hate Relationship With the Off-Season

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Jaynie Schultz, Debra Williams, Jeremy Harlan
90 minutes
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Not surprisingly, camp operators tend to tired of having their facility sit vacant once all of their campers have left after the camp season. Our Love/Hate Relationship With the Off-Season provides an overview of the necessary steps for turning a camp into a retreat and conference center during the camp`s off-season. By examing the market and several successful models, the DVD explains how camps can profit year round.

Among the topics covered:
  • The market (Debra Williams)
  • One reason: SMERFs – the numbers
  • Keys to universal success (Jeremy Harlan)
  • Using your facilities as a retreat center
  • Commitment to success (Jaynie Schultz)
  • Operations
  • Staff
  • Marketing and sales