Risk and Crisis Management Planning: A Workbook for Organization and Program Administrators (Third Edition)

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Connie Coutellier
491 pages
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  Risk and Crisis Management Planning is a tool to help administrators create a plan that will fit the circumstances of managing their organizations and the sites and programs they provide. The worksheets included in the book and on the CD are divided into two main categories: those that address the overall crisis and risk management of the organization and those that address the crisis and risk management of each program.

Chapters include:
  • Risk Management (planning, legal liabilities, identification of risk, evaluation of risk, and treatment of risk);
  • Crisis and Emergency Management (dealing with emergencies, managing a crisis, types of emergencies or crisis situations, and crisis communication);
  • Risk Reduction, Control, and Analysis (intervention points, accident and incident analysis, and risk analysis);
  • Supervision, Behavior, and Child-Abuse Protection (supervision of children, supervision of staff, and reducing the risk of child abuse);
  • Organizational Risk-Management Planning (organizational crisis-management worksheets and guidelines and organizational management worksheets and guidelines); and
  • Program Risk-Management Planning (program crisis-management worksheets and guidelines and program management worksheets and guidelines)