Starting Strong: Meeting With Campers

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Bob Ditter
46 minutes
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Camp, whether day or resident, happens mostly in groups-the cabin, the bunk, and the day-camp group. Campers arrive in groups, live in groups, and go to activities in groups, yet most staff training focuses on skills with campers one-on-one. This concise, practical program develops the essential skills all staff need to have more effective, productive group meetings with campers. Featuring more of the best of Bob Ditter, Starting Strong: Meeting With Campers addresses several factors, including holding a first cabin or group meeting, checking in with campers, and solving problems as a group with greater cooperation and success.

Among the topics covered:

  • Gather campers into a circle
  • Camp agreements
  • Meeting rules
  • Brainstorm agreement ideas
  • Tell campers what you expect
  • Be prepared
  • Follow up on agreements