Strategies for Success: Supporting Campers Who Have Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Jenn Bender
90 minutes
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Not all that long ago, few camps enrolled children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs),including Asperger syndrome. In contrast, nearly all camps serve these campers at thepresent time. Strategies for Success: Supporting Campers Who Have Autism SpectrumDisorders provides an overview of ASDs and their impact on camper strengths, challenges,and experiences. The DVD details techniques that can be employed to make camps a moresuccessful place for these kids with special needs. In that regard, the DVD features easy-toimplement,no-cost strategies that are appropriate for any camp setting.

Among the topics covered:
  • Autism spectrum disorders representa range of neuro-developmental diagnoses
  • ASDs are diagnosed based on three coreareas of challenge
  • The `triad of impairment` translates toseveral day-to-day challenges
  • Ensures clarity of communication
  • Scaffold campers` communicationsand interactions
  • Use step-by-step approaches toorganizing activities, days, and sessions
  • Demonstrate and teach perspectivetaking to enable greater flexibility
  • Recognize the impact of the sensoryenvironment, and modify theenvironment
  • Keep in mind contextual considerations