The Seven Absolutely Critical Decisions Teens Must Make

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Jeff Leiken
90 minutes
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The Seven Absolutely Critical Decisions Teens Must Make discusses the fact that camps not only have the opportunity to train their teens and young adult staff to become excellent camp counselors, but also to help teach them to become extraordinary citizens. The DVD details the seven significant decisions that teens and young adults can and must make that will profoundly impact the quality of their lives. In addition, the DVD explains that if these decisions are made wisely, both the camp and the world will benefit.

Among the topics covered: 

• Evolution monitoringTM 
• Who will you be friends with? 
• What role will drugs, alcohol, andsex play in your life? 
• Whose opinions will matter to you? 
• Whose approval will matter to you? 
• What career direction will you go in? 
• How will you handle disappointmentsand setbacks? 
• When will you take these decisionsseriously and commit to them?