Training Terrific Staff! Volume 2: More Great Tools for Outstanding Staff Development (Volume 2)

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The National Best-Selling Sequel

Volume Two

More Great Tools for
Outstanding Staff Development

THIS IS AN ALL NEW BOOK, a completely different companion volume to the original Training Terrific Staff, which is still the number one best-selling training book for camps. This second volume is even bigger! It’s 450 new pages, packed with more of Michael’s original, nationally acclaimed activities and techniques that you can plug right away into your existing training.

It features reproducible handouts and detailed, step-by-step trainer guides right from the repertoire of a master trainer in camp, recreation, and education, written in a style that is as creative and fun as the activities themselves.

  • Increase how much staff really learn during training
  • Boost motivation, attention, and participation
  • Teach how to communicate and increase respect and responsibility
  • Add excitement and energy to the program every day
  • Enhance instruction with top teaching skills
  • Be an Intentional Camp that focuses on youth development, not just recreation