Cultivating Mindfulness in Staff Working With Youth

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Ann Gillard
58 minutes
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Adults who work with youth can feel busy, frantic, and even disengaged from and unaware of whatis going on around them. Cultivating Mindfulness in Staff Working With Youth looks at the conceptof “mindfulness,” (e.g., being fully aware in the present moment). The DVD points out the fact thatstaff are more likely to create positive interactions with campers and feel satisfied in their jobs. TheDVD also explains and demonstrates several examples of mindfulness techniques, such asbreathing, active meditation, focusing, and deep listening.

Among the topics covered:

• Focused breathing
• What is mindfulness?
• Benefits of mindfulness
• Why should camp staff be mindful?
• Why it's good for staff to be mindful
• Focused listening activity
• Cultivating mindfulness at camp