Super Staff SuperVision

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Michael Brandwein
204 pages
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A brand new book by the author of the best-selling, Training Terrific Staff! Lead staff to be their best with this practical how-to manual by master camp trainer Michael Brandwein. Michael's packed this new book, written in his warm, engaging style, with specific techniques for directors, assistants, head counselors, program directors, and everyone who manages camp staff.

Use this book yourself and provide it to your administrative staff to immediately boost abilities in these important areas:

  • motivation
  • goal-setting and growth
  • improving communication, trust, & team-building
  • fast & effective program improvement
  • professionalism
  • conquering burn-out
  • effective parent contacts
  • problem-solving
  • leading & training by example
  • what to do when we're walking around
  • and more