How to Create Happy Campers and Successful Families

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Marcia Galazzi
28 minutes
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Families hold the seat of power for almost everything that will occur in a child's life. Far too often, new camp professionals and even seasoned personnel can lose track of how to access this directional source. How to Create Happy Campers and Successful Families provides an overview of simple techniques that camp professional can use to support camper families and make strong connections with them. The DVD details steps that can be undertaken to help turn kids of every age into happy campers.

Among the topics covered:

• What exactly is a family?
• Why is it important to help families be successful?
• Why do families need help?
• What is the problem?
• What do families know that I should connect with?
• What if the adults in the family have made big mistakes?
• What is the definition of healthy development for families?
• What can a camp professional do to help families be successful?
• What is the job of the family?
• Are families raising kids poorly?
• Do families allow bad policies?
• Why don't families change?
• How can I help parents when I am young and not a parent?